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  • On Complement Deviation in Infantile Kala Azar.

    Foreign Title : Ancora sulla Deviazione del Complemento nella Anemia da Leishmania.

    Author(s) : CRISTINA, G. Di

    Journal article : Pathologica 1912 Vol.4 No.89 pp.409-410

    Abstract : The author is led to publish his results, though only seven cases have been studied, on account of the paper of MAKKAS and PAPASSOTIRION (reviewed in Kala Azar Bulletin No. 2, p. 88). These authors claim that the deviation of the complement is of constant occurrence in infantile kala azar and is thus of diagnostic importance. Di Cristina has not been able in his cases to demonstrate the presence of any antibody in the blood in spite of the most careful observations and precautions in the preparation of the antigen, which moreover gave positive results in the case of rabbits injected with cultures of leishmania. The technique was that generally used in the Wasserman reaction. The spleen of a child which had died of kala azar was used. It contained an enormous number of parasites. The organ was broken up and dried in vacuo. Tests were made also with cultures of the parasites killed by an hour's exposure to a temperature of 55° C. The author points out that Professor LONGO has obtained similar negative results, so that the reaction cannot be of diagnostic importance, as MAKKAS and PAPAS so-TIBION maintain. He believes however that the absence of a reaction indicates that the organism does not react to the infection.
    C. M. W.

    Record Number : 19122900007

    Language of text : Italian

    Language of summary : Italian