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  • Prophylaxia da Lepra.

    Author(s) : VAMPRÉ, Enjolras

    Journal article : Recitsa Med. de S. Paulo. 1913 Vol.16 No.4 pp.76-78 pp.

    Abstract : It is urged that leper colonies and asylums should be established in the State of São Paulo where leprosy is on the increase: in 14 towns alone there are 300 lepers. The benefit of prophylactic measures is shown by the experience of Norway, where there were nearly 3, 000 lepers in the year 185C; in .1907 their number had been reduced to 438. Japan lias spent 900, 000 marks on the construction of leper sanatoria in the Sandwich Islands a quarter of a million sterling has been devoted to the same purpose.
    The author gives a draft of bye-laws which he thinks would be effective in controlling the spread of leprosy in the State of S. Paulo. C. B.

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