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  • On the Haemolysis by Thymol.

    Author(s) : YOSHIDA.

    Journal article : Sei-i-Kwai Medical Journal 1913 Vol.32 No.10 (Whole 380) pp.125-126 pp.

    Abstract : Cases of haematuria have occurred in the course of the administration of thymol for ankylostome infection, especially in anaemic subjects and those who have suffered frequently from malaria. Investigations have led the author to conclude that (1) Thymol h; is a very strong haemolytic action; (2) the normal blood serum .luis a marked protective power, due to the presence of sulfates and sulfuric acid which render the thymol harmless by combining with it; (3) the resisting power of the red blood corpuscles of patients with ankylostomes is not much below that of the healthy person, while it is slightly weaker in patients suffering from ankylostomes along with an enlarged spleen from chronic mularia; (4) The protective power against thymol haemolysis in ankylostome infections shows hardly any difference from that of the normal serum.
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