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  • Dispersal of Musca domestica, L.

    Author(s) : ZETEK, J.

    Journal article : Annals of the Entomological Society of America 1914 Vol.7 No.1 pp.70-72 pp.

    Abstract : It was shown by experiment that flies breeding in a mass of manure about half a mile away from certain dwellings and 150 feet above them, found their way into the houses. A small quantity of the manure was placed in a pit and covered with a cage, the flies which hatched from it being sprayed with an aqueous solution of gentian violet to which a small amount of gum tragacanta was added. A large number of flies were caught on fly-papers in the dwellings, the marked ones being detected when treated with a solution of alcohol and glycerine. A noticeable diminution in the number of flies infesting the dwellings was observed when the manure was destroyed.

    ISSN : 0013-8746

    DOI : 10.1093/aesa/7.1.70

    Record Number : 19141000184

    Publisher : America, Columbus

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