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  • Note on Experiments to determine the Reaction of Mosquitos to Artificial Light.

    Author(s) : BENTLEY, C. A.

    Journal article : Proceedings. 3rd All-India Sanitary Conf. 1914 Vol.5 pp.9-11 pp.

    Abstract : A brief account is given of experiments on the attraction which artificial light has for mosquitos, the general result obtained being that the insects are responsive to light from artificial sources and that therefore its use serves to attract them to the immediate vicinity of man. This possibly affords an explanation of the fact observed by Fry and others in Bengal, that in some malarious districts the growth of very dense vegetation in villages is associated with a much lower spleen index than that found in villages possessing a more moderate amount of vegetation it also explains the view held by King that a screen of trees shuts out malaria and mosquitos. It is suggested that the brilliantly lit bungalows of Europeans often serve as a means of attracting Anopheles from a very wide area, and the fact that mosquitos are thus attracted should be remembered in constructing mosquito-proof houses, especially in known malarious localities.

    Record Number : 19141000346

    Publisher : Lucknow

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