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    Foreign Title : L'Infection Spirillaire chez les Poules Ethyroïdées, Pouvoir Vaccinant de leur Sérum.

    Author(s) : LAUNOY, L. LÉVY-BRUHL, M.

    Journal article : Compte rendu des seances de la Societe de biologie 1913 Vol.75 No.31 pp.352-354 pp.

    Abstract : The authors have removed the thyroid glands of five fowls and then injected them with S. gallìnarum in order to determine whether this gland has any effect upon the course of the disease. The results shew that in adult fowls the thyroids do not play any essential part in the resistance of these animals to the infection, or in the lapidity and intensity of the formation of antibodies. E. H.

    Record Number : 19142900023

    Language of text : French

    Language of summary : French