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  • The Treatment of Intestinal Amebiasis.

    Author(s) : JONES, Glenn I.

    Journal article : Journal of the American Medical Association 1915 Vol.64 No.12 pp.982-983 pp.

    Abstract : A brief paper, pointing out that though emetin is one of the most valuable agents in the treatment of intestinal amoebiasis hypodermics of emetine alone will not cure amoebic dysentery. The author had an experience of 50 cases in the Philippines and came to the conclusion that most cases of amoebiasis can be cured by administration of emetin hypodermically, accompanied or followed by ipecacuanha given orally. Ipecac alone, like emetin alone, will not prevent relapses. The author unfortunately does not classify his 50 cases into two groups according as single or combined treatment was employed. At the Department Hospital, Manila, the following is the routine treatment: emetin hydrochloride 0.008 gm. hypodermically for 10 days (twice a day for four days and once a day for six days). Ipecac is given about the 8th day, 1.5 gm.-2 gm. doses at bed time continued for three consecutive nights and thereafter decreased by 0.3 gm. each consecutive night. The administration of ipecac. should be preceded by Tinct. opii in doses of 0.6-1 gm. In the author's view it should always be borne in mind that emetin is an amoebacide and has little to do with the healing of ulcerations. Every case after this treatment should be regarded as one of ulcerative colitis and suitable dietetic measures should be taken. J. C. G. L.

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