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  • The Etiology of Trichomycosis palmellina in the Philippine Islands.

    Author(s) : SCHOEBL, Otto

    Journal article : Philippine Journal of Science, Sect. B. Trop. Med. 1914 Vol.9 No.3 pp.219-224 pp.

    Abstract : This affection appears to be common among the white people living in the Philippine Islands. It occurs more frequently in blonds than in brunettes and in the warmer months when perspiration is increased. It is not found in the dark races, except in albinos. The author examined microscopically and culturally hairs from a number of cases and found in every case and in every stage of the disease, colonies of " coryncbacterium " which he considers to be the cause of the pathological condition. Micrococci and other micro-organisms were found more or less frequently, but not so abundantly nor so constantly. P. S. A.

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