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  • Report of a Sanitary Tour in Egypt, El Tor, Jerusalem, Tunis and Algeria.

    Foreign Title : Verslag van een Hygienische Informatie-Reis. naar Egypte, Tor, Jeruzalem, Tunis en Algerije.

    Author(s) : VAN LOGHEM, J. J.

    Book : Koloniaal Instituut te Amsterdam, Mededeeling No. 3. Afdeeling-Tropische Hygiene. 1914 No.1 pp.viii + 142 pp. ref.14 plates and various figs.

    Abstract : This is the report of a two-months' tour made by the author at the end of the year 1913, on behalf of the Amsterdam Colonial Institute, for the purpose of collecting information as to the latest methods of dealing administratively with infectious diseases in the localities mentioned in the title. The author found time to visit in succession Alexandria, Cairo, Ismailia, Suez, El Tor (the Egyptian pilgrim quarantine station on the Bed Sea), Jerusalem, Port Said, Algiers and Tunis. At all these places observations were made on the existing machinery for dealing with infectious diseases, purification of water-supply and so on, the result being the collection of a very instructive body of facts. To the general reader, perhaps, the most interesting section will be that on the pilgrim quarantine station at El Tor, where all persons returning from Mecca to European or Mediterranean countries are examined, disinfected and quarantined before being allowed to return to their homes. The research work done at this station receives due commendation. The account given of malaria prevention at Ismailia, Jerusalem, and in Algeria is also very good. Incidentally the author points out the exceptionally heavy toll taken of the adult male population in Mohammedan countries by the Mecca pilgrimage system. In the year 1912, out of 18, 000 odd pilgrims from the Dutch East Indies alone, 2, 600, in round numbers, died, being 14 per cent. This was a cholera year, but in the following year, when there was no cholera, the mortality was again 12 per cent., dysentery being apparently the principal cause of death. The illustrations given are both numerous and good, and altogether the author may be congratulated on having made a most excellent use of the time at his disposal. J. B. N.

    Record Number : 19152900541

    Publisher : Amsterdam : J. H. de Bussy.

    Language of text : Dutch

    Language of summary : Dutch