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  • Doerr's Nutrient Media for the Diagnosis of Typhoid and Dysentery.

    Foreign Title : Trockennährböden nach Doerr zur Typhus- und Dysenteriediagnose.

    Author(s) : MORGENROTH, J.

    Journal article : Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 1914 Vol.61 No.49 pp.2355 p

    Abstract : In war time the difficulty of securing skilled laboratory assistants is notorious and the manufacture of nutrient media is hampered. Morgenroth recommends the use of dried media in tablet form (Endo, Conradi- Drigalski, etc.). The tablet is powdered, the correct amount of water added to dissolve and the fluid finally boiled over the flame and poured on the plate. Such media are not inferior to media prepared in the ordinary way by skilled assistants. [In this country dried or tablet media have been procurable for a considerable time.] J. C. G. L.

    ISSN : 0341-3098

    Record Number : 19152900592

    Language of text : German

    Language of summary : German