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  • Distribution and Prevalence [of Yellow Fever].

    Author(s) : SEIDELIN, H.

    Journal article : Yellow Fever Bureau Bulletin 1915 Vol.3 No.4 pp.259-260 pp.

    Abstract : The number of yellow fever cases reported during the years 1913 and 1914 show a marked decrease. During the past four years, the only large epidemic outbreak occurred in Tocopilla, Chile, in 1912. No endemic focus of any importance has been eradicated during the years of observation, except possibly in Northern Brazil. Renewed investigations tend to confirm Sir Rubert Boyce's contention that a widespread endemic prevalence of yellow fever is present in West Africa, and it is probable that similar investigations in other yellow fever countries will lead to similar results.

    Record Number : 19161000018

    Publisher : Liverpool

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