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  • The House-Fly.

    Author(s) : MALLY, C. W.

    Book : Reprinted from the Fanners'Weekly 1915 pp.9 pp.

    Abstract : In South Africa the adult stage of the house-fly (Musca domestica) is reached 11 days after oviposition. The total number of eggs deposited by a single female is about 500, and if conditions are favourable there are 12 generations annually.
    The use of sodium arsenite as a means of control is given at some length [see this Review, Ser. B, iii, pp. 220-221]. In addition to the use of branches of Acacia cyclopis as a carrier for the sweetened solution, sawdust, oiled paper, sacking, canvas, straw, etc. may be utilised. Where carriers are not available, the bait should be sprinkled freely over the breeding places.

    Record Number : 19161000168

    Publisher : Bloemfontein

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