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    Foreign Title : Nuovi metodi vaccinoterapici nella febbre mediterránea.

    Author(s) : CARONIA, G.

    Journal article : Pediatria 1917 Vol.25 No.4 pp.199-211 pp. ref.5 charts.

    Abstract : The author gives a short resume of the various forms of treatment that have been used for undulant fever; these have given only moderately good results. As Di CRISTINA and subsequently himself had had very good results with a sero-vaccine for the treatment of typhoid and para-typhoid fevers he was induced to use the same method for this fever. Two forms were prepared: (1) a two to three days growth of several strains of M. melitensis was grown on glycerine agar and washed off in normal saline; this was then mixed with a serum strong in amboceptor and agglutinins, the proportions varying with the strength of the emulsion and efficacy of the serum. The mixture was then kept at a temperature of 37° C. for 36 hours. A further supply of serum was then added and incubated for another 36 hours; 1/2 per cent. phenol was added and the whole gently centri-fuged. The fluid was heated to 55° C. for one hour on three days and distributed in capsules. (2) Broth cultures of the organism were used instead of the agar emulsion.
    Eight cases were treated varying in age from 2 to 40 years. Very good results were obtained in infants and adults, slight and severe cases, those with acute or chronic course, and whether used early or late. The injections of 1-2 c.c. were given intramuscularly or, if the effect was required more rapidly, by the intravenous method (two cases).
    The number of cases was small but from previous experience of other diseases treated by this method of sero-vaccine the author believes that it is the best specific yet introduced for this troublesome disease. Five temperature charts are inserted which show the amounts injected and dates when given.
    [This would appear to be a sensitized vaccine from which the serum had not been separated. There is no indication of the strength of the vaccine or serum used, viz., the amount of antigen and antibody contained in each cc.]
    P. W. B-S.

    Record Number : 19172901317

    Language of text : Italian

    Language of summary : Italian