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  • The significance of gelatin tolerance in malabsorptive states.


    Author Affiliation : New Jersey Coll. Med. Dent., Jersey City.

    Journal article : Gastroenterology 1966 Vol.50 pp.621-630

    Abstract : Peptide hydroxyproline after gelatin ingestion, to give an indication of proteolytic activity, was estimated before and after acid hydrolysis by the method of Prockop and Udenfriend (Abst. 3424, Vol. 31) in serum and urine of normal persons, patients with pancreatic insufficiency, a patient with subtotal gastrectomy and patients with treated and untreated coeliac disease. Normal persons showed a rapid absorption and excretion of peptide hydroxyproline. Patients with severe pancreatic insufficiency had delayed peak values for peptide hydroxyproline in serum and urine and low serum glycine, proline and alanine values. Treatment with Cotazym alone or with sodium bicarbonate restored peptide hydroxyproline values to normal. A patient with untreated adult coeliac disease had a low absolute increase in hydroxyproline in urine and an elevated and delayed peptide hydroxyproline value in serum. Patients with treated coeliac disease showed rapid absorption and excretion of hydroxyproline peptides.

    ISSN : 0016-5085

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