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  • Fish waste for feeding pigs. 7. Siloryb from cod waste for fattening pigs.

    Foreign Title : Odpady rybne w iywieniu trzody chlewnej. 7. Zastosowanie silorybu z odpad6w dorszowych w tuczu trzody chlewnej.

    Author(s) : LEWICKI, C.

    Author Affiliation : Kat. Zyw. Zwierzat WSR, Olsztyn.

    Journal article : Rocznik nauk rolniczych. Seria B. Zootechnika 1966 Vol.88 pp.325-332

    Abstract : For part 6 see Abst. 5262, Vol. 36. 7. A group of 13 fattening pigs was given Siloryb (see Abst. 6684, Vol. 34) made from cod waste and one of 14 got cod meal to supply 24% of the total protein in the ration between 36 and 109 kg liveweight. There was no significant difference between the groups in weight gain, efficiency of feed utilization, carcase quality or organoleptic properties of the meat. S. K. K.

    Record Number : 19671407514

    Language of text : Polish

    Language of summary : English

    Indexing terms for this abstract:

    Organism descriptor(s) : cod, Gadus, pigs

    Descriptor(s) : animal feeding, animal wastes, aquatic animals, aquatic organisms, finishing, fish scrap, liveweight, organoleptic traits, properties, utilization, weight gain, animal production

    Identifier(s) : aquatic species, fattening, fish waste, hogs, livestock wastes, organoleptic properties, swine

    Broader term(s) : Osteichthyes, fishes, vertebrates, Chordata, animals, eukaryotes, Sus scrofa, Sus, Suidae, Suiformes, Artiodactyla, mammals, Gadidae, Gadiformes