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  • Experimental inclusion conjunctivitis in man. II. Partial resistance to reinfection.


    Journal article : American Journal of Epidemiology 1966 Vol.84 No.3 pp.411-25

    Abstract : The clinical response of groups of volunteers to initial and repeated ocular infections with 2 strains of inclusion conjunctivitis agent is compared. These observations follow an earlier report on a single volunteer who became resistant to homologous reinfection but was susceptible to 2 other Tric strains (THYGESON et al., Amer. J. Ophth., 1962, v. 53, 786).
    Assessment of the severity and duration of infection was based on numerical scores, recorded at repeated ophthalmic examinations, for purulent discharge, conjunctival hyperaemia, follicular hypertrophy, papillary hypertrophy, swelling of the limbus and pre-auricular lymphadenopathy. Immunofluorescent staining of conjunctival smears was used for the detection of inclusions. The Ca13 and Ca18 strains of inclusion conjunctivitis were used for primary infection and reinfection. Figures are presented to show the sequence of conjunctivitis "scores" with indications of treatment with sulphonamide and tetracycline and the finding of inclusions in conjunctival scrapings.
    The clinical response to reinfection was considerably less severe in 3 out of 4 experiments. Only 1 out of 24 volunteers developed complete resistance to reinoculation after primary infection; he was challenged on 3 occasions with 500 human infective doses of the heterologous strain.
    Reinfection of volunteers who had earlier been infected with the Ca18 strain showed a reduction in the number of inclusion-positive smears but this was not found after primary infection with the Ca13 strain. When volunteers were challenged by simultaneous reinfection of both eyes, the intensity of response was the same on both sides and there was thus no evidence for the local development of resistance.
    [For Part I see this Bulletin, 1966, v. 41, 555.] C. F. Barwell.

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