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  • Pathophysio-logy of rabies.

    Author(s) : Shaaf, J.Schaal, E.

    Journal article : Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 1970 Vol.77 pp.225-229

    Abstract : The relationship between the symptoms, pathology and localization of the virus is discussed and compared with that obtaining in similar disease conditions. Spread of the virus is intraneural, and a viraemia occurs only rarely.-AB.

    ISSN : 0341-6593

    Record Number : 19712200128

    Publisher : Zur Taubeneiche 10/12, 577 Arnsberg

    Language of text : German

    Language of summary : English

    Indexing terms for this abstract:

    Organism descriptor(s) : rabies virus, viruses

    Descriptor(s) : pathology, rabies, symptoms, viral diseases

    Identifier(s) : viral infections

    Broader term(s) : Lyssavirus, Rhabdoviridae, Mononegavirales, negative-sense ssRNA Viruses, ssRNA Viruses, RNA Viruses, viruses