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  • Agriculture and the Countryside.

    Author(s) : UK, Advisory Council for Agriculture and Horticulture in England and Wales

    Author Affiliation : Whitehall Pl., London SW1A 2HH, UK.

    Miscellaneous : Agriculture and the Countryside. 1978 pp.65pp.

    Abstract : The Advisory Council was asked in May 1977 to report on ways in which the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAAF) could best reconcile national requirements for economic agricultural and horticultural production with the development of other objectives for rural areas such as recreation, access, conservation and amenity. The report based on written and oral evidence from about 60 national bodies and a considerable number of local organizations and individuals examines the role of UK agriculture in the national economy, the machinery for administering rural affairs (the division of responsibilities), statutory planning, landscape and nature conservation, recreation and access, special problems of the urban fringe and the position of landowning public bodies, (particularly the water authorities and the forestry commission). The main recommendations are: (1) that the Minister of Agriculture should discuss with the Secretary of State for the Environment means of effecting closer integration of the work of MAFF with that of the Countryside Commission and the Nature Conservancy; (2) that the two Ministeries should set up consultative machinery at national and local levels to co-ordinate rural policies with a view to reconciling the interests of food production with those to do with conservation, recreation, access and amenity; and (3) in particular, a stronger rural affairs advisory capability should be developed within ADAS.<new para>ADDITIONAL ABSTRACT:<new para>The report of an Advisory Council set up in 1977 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to consider ways of reconciling agricultural and horticultural production with recreation and conservation pressures in the UK.

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    Location of publication : London.

    Country of publication : UK

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