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  • Protection of the natural environment.

    Foreign Title : Schutz der naturlichen Umwelt.

    Author(s) : Erz, W. (et al.)

    Editors : G. Olschowy

    Miscellaneous : Natur- und Umweltschutz in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. 1978 pp.750-817 ref.

    Abstract : This introductory article to this sub-section (W. Erz) points out that the aim of nature conservancy as defined in GFR legislation is to protect and care for all living plants and animals. It then goes on to consider general criteria for implementing this aim (criteria based on ecosystems, on threatened populations or species, on culture and recreation linked factors) and then goes on to examine types of protection in more detail. Subsequent articles deal with: Protected areas, (K. Haarmann and D. Korneck); Protection of objects, (K. Haarmann); Protection of species, (H. Ant; H. Sukopp); Protection of animals by securing the biotope, (J. Blabb); Drawing up a programme for protection of species, (W. Erz); and Nature parks and national parks, (H. D. Koeffel and W. Mrass) which is abstracted separately.

    ISBN : 3490211189

    Record Number : 19781849256

    Publisher : Paul Parey.

    Location of publication : Hamburg

    Country of publication : German Federal Republic

    Language of text : German

    Language of summary : German

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    Descriptor(s) : conservation, natural resources

    Identifier(s) : West Germany

    Geographical Location(s) : German Federal Republic, Germany

    Broader term(s) : Germany, Developed Countries, European Union Countries, OECD Countries, Western Europe, Europe