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  • Soils of Voyvodina.

    Foreign Title : Zemljista Vojvodine.

    Author(s) : Zivkovic, B.Nejgebauer, V.Tanasijevic, D.Miljkovic, N.Stojkovic, L.Drezgic, P.

    Book : Zemljista Vojvodine. 1972 pp.685pp.

    Abstract : Soil parent materials and soil types are described.

    Record Number : 19781944593

    Publisher : Institute for Agricultural Research.

    Location of publication : Novi Sad

    Country of publication : Yugoslavia

    Language of text : Serbo-Croatian

    Language of summary : Russian

    Indexing terms for this abstract:

    Descriptor(s) : Maps, soil, soil surveys

    Identifier(s) : Jugoslavia, Voyvodina

    Geographical Location(s) : Yugoslavia

    Broader term(s) : Balkans, Southern Europe, Europe, Mediterranean Region