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  • Intestinal resection in the rat: effect on absorption of protein.

    Foreign Title : Resecciones intestinales en la rata: influencia sobre la absorcion proteica.

    Author(s) : Barrionuevo, M.Campos, M. S.Urbano, G.Varela, G.

    Author Affiliation : Dep. Interfacultativo de Fisiologia Animal, Univ. Granada, Granada, Spain.

    Journal article : Revista Espanola de Fisiologia 1980 Vol.36 No.2 pp.119-122 ref.15

    Abstract : Resection of 50 or 80% of the small intestine starting from the ileocaecal valve was done in 30 male rats weighing about 250 g. Experiments were made 2, 6 and 9 weeks and 3 months after the operation when the rats were given a synthetic diet with 13% protein for periods of 10 days. At other times they had a stock diet with 21% protein. By 2 weeks bodyweight of both groups with resections had decreased significantly, particularly in those with 80% resection. Nitrogen lost in faeces was 56.8 and 65.9 mg daily compared with 37.7 mg for intact controls and digestibility coefficient was reduced from 87.5 in controls to 79.7 and 73.7. There was little change at 6 and 9 weeks but by 3 months N in faeces had decreased to 40.9 and 48.5 mg daily and digestibility coefficient had increased to 83.9 and 79.8.

    ISSN : 0034-9402

    Record Number : 19801409783

    Language of text : Spanish

    Language of summary : English

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