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  • Education for rural development. The Tutu experiment and its relevance for the Pacific.

    Author(s) : Fiji, Institute of Pacific Studies

    Miscellaneous : Education for rural development. The Tutu experiment and its relevance for the Pacific. 1984 No.Ed. 2 pp.118pp. ref.19

    Abstract : This is a revised edition of a book first published in 1977. The Marist Training Centre Tutu is a religious formation and rural adult education centre situated at Taveuni in Fiji. As a religious formation centre for the Society of Mary in the Province of Oceania, it caters to young men from the eight Pacific regions in which the Society is involved. Training includes the initial formation period for both clerical and lay candidates, and on-going formation for Brothers of the Society. It is also an adult education centre for the local Fijian people of the vicinity in the Province of Cakaudrove. Training courses are available to both married and single people, with a strong emphasis on motivation for change. A central theme is the strong interdependence between these two aspects - religious formation and adult education. Tutu is not a religious formation centre which also happens to be involved in socioeconomic development work, or vice versa. The two goals are intimately connected. This interdependence reflects the interrelationship between religion and society in Pacific cultures. Pacific cultures are integrated and do not separate the sacred from the profane in the way Western cultures do.

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    Location of publication : Suva

    Country of publication : Fiji

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