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  • Prevention of melanoma.

    Author(s) : Mackie, B. S.Mackie, L. E.

    Author Affiliation : 139 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

    Journal article : Nutrition and Cancer 1990 Vol.14 No.2 pp.81-83 ref.14

    Abstract : In a Letter to the Editor commenting on work presented at the Second International Conference on Melanoma in October 1989, it is concluded that attempts to prevent melanoma present a complex situation with no easy answers. Diets high in ω-6 polyunsaturated fats have been implicated in increased incidence of melanoma through increased activity of the arachidonic cascade and increased circulating prostaglandin, but addition of ω-3 polyunsaturated fats in fish oils to the diet retards the cascade by competitive inhibition and reduces circulating prostaglandins to normal levels. However, basic research data are now beginning to outline a biological framework of the aetiology that seems to allow an optimistic approach to prevention. A positive attitude from the public health point of view in testing new ideas is required and it may be possible to present a clear plan of action to the susceptible patients who come along asking for advice. Simple schedules can be suggested based on physiological principles, tailored to the requirements of the individual subject and directed to the overall object of protecting the embattled melanocyte.

    ISSN : 0163-5581

    DOI : 10.1080/01635589009514080

    Record Number : 19921443092

    Language of text : English

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