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  • Studies on seed mycoflora of shattering and non-shattering types of green gram (Vigna radiata).

    Author(s) : Teggi, R. V.Hiremath, R. V.

    Author Affiliation : College of Agriculture, Dharwad 580 005, India.

    Journal article : Seed Research 1990 Vol.18 No.2 pp.139-143 ref.8

    Abstract : A total of 11 species of fungi were isolated from seeds of 4 varieties of V. radiata, 9 from non-shattering (KDM-1) and 11 from shattering varieties, (China mung, Pusa Baisaki and PS-16). Of the species isolated, Alternaria alternata, Cladosporium fulvum [Fulvia fulva], Fusarium moniliforme [Gibberella fujikuroi], Aspergillus flavus, A. niger and Trichothecium roseum were predominant. Each fungus isolated reduced seed germination and seedling growth in vitro.

    ISSN : 0379-5594

    Record Number : 19922318711

    Language of text : English

    Language of summary : English

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    Organism descriptor(s) : Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, Fabaceae, fungi, Gibberella fujikuroi, Hypocreaceae, Passalora fulva, Trichothecium roseum, Vigna radiata

    Descriptor(s) : diseases, germination, grain legumes, mung beans, pathogens, plant pathogenic fungi, plant pathogens, plant pathology, seedborne fungi, seedborne organisms, varietal reactions

    Identifier(s) : Fulvia fulva, fungus, green gram, Hyphomycetes, mung bean, phytopathogenic fungi, phytopathogens, phytopathology, plant-pathogenic fungi, pulses

    Broader term(s) : Alternaria, Pleosporaceae, Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes, Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota, fungi, eukaryotes, Aspergillus, Trichocomaceae, Eurotiales, Eurotiomycetes, Fabales, eudicots, angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants, Gibberella, Nectriaceae, Hypocreales, Sordariomycetes, Passalora, Mycosphaerellaceae, Capnodiales, Trichothecium, Vigna, Papilionoideae, Fabaceae