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  • Atmospheric change: an earth system perspective.

    Author(s) : Graedel, T. E.Crutzen, P. J.

    Book : Atmospheric change: an earth system perspective. 1993 pp.xiii + 446 pp.

    Abstract : This book explores the physical and chemical workings of Earth's planetary system, atmosphere and climatic change. There are 19 chapters covering 5 distinct areas. These include the basic operation of the Earth as a system, chemistry of present atmosphere, freshwaters, seawater, and groundwater, chemistry of historic atmospheres, chemical trace species budgets, and modelling climatic change.

    ISBN : 0716723328

    Record Number : 19941900121

    Publisher : W.H. Freeman and Co.

    Location of publication : New York

    Country of publication : USA

    Language of text : English

    Language of summary : English

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    Descriptor(s) : atmosphere, climate change, meteorology

    Identifier(s) : climatic change