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  • Response of crossbred calves to immunization with Theileria annulata schizont infected lymphoid cell cultures.

    Author(s) : Singh, D. K.Varshney, B. C.Raghav, P. R. S.Thakur, M.

    Author Affiliation : Animal Disease Research Laboratory, National Dairy Development Board, Anand 388001, Gujarat, India.

    Journal article : Indian Veterinary Journal 1993 Vol.70 No.7 pp.605-608 ref.3

    Abstract : A cell line of Theileria annulata schizont-infected bovine lymphoid cells was established and grown in vitro for 453 passages (2038 days). After 12, 27, 48, 100 and 150 passages the culture-derived cells were test-inoculated into crossbred calves which were subsequently challenged with Ground Up Tick Supernates (GUTS) prepared from T. annulata-infected Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum ticks. The virulence of the theilerial schizonts was reduced by passage. Calves receiving 5 × 106 schizont-infected lymphoid cells at the 150th passage (675 days) had minimum inoculation reactions and could withstand virulent challenge of T. annulata infective GUTS given on day 47 after inoculation. It was concluded that T. annulata schizont-infected bovine lymphoid cell cultres of the Anand isolate at the 150th passage could be used effectively for immunizing cattle against tropical theileriosis.

    ISSN : 0019-6479

    Record Number : 19942204510

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    Organism descriptor(s) : cattle, Hyalomma, Protozoa, Theileria, Theileria annulata

    Descriptor(s) : cattle diseases, cell culture vaccines, immunization, infections, parasites, parasitoses, pathogenicity, protozoal infections, theileriosis, tickborne diseases, virulence

    Identifier(s) : immune sensitization, parasitic diseases, parasitic infestations, parasitosis, protozoal diseases, tick-borne diseases

    Broader term(s) : Bos, Bovidae, ruminants, Artiodactyla, mammals, vertebrates, Chordata, animals, eukaryotes, Ixodidae, Metastigmata, Acari, Arachnida, arthropods, invertebrates, Theileria, Theileriidae, Piroplasmorida, Apicomplexa, Protozoa