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  • Age-related variations of elements as compared among optic, radial, and sciatic nerves.

    Author(s) : Tohno, Y.Takano, Y.Tohno, S.Moriwake, Y.Minami, T.Nishiwaki, F.Yamada, M.Utsumi, M.Yuri, K.

    Author Affiliation : Laboratory of Cell Biology, Department of Anatomy, Nara Medical University, Kashihara, Nara 634-8521, Japan.

    Journal article : Biological Trace Element Research 2000 Vol.77 No.2 pp.119-129 ref.26

    Abstract : To elucidate changes of peripheral nerves with aging, the authors studied age-related changes of element contents in the optic, radial, and sciatic nerves by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry. The subjects consisted of seven men and seven women, ranging in age from 61 to 97 yr. The contents of phosphorus and sulfur remained constant through ages 61 to 97 yr. in three nerves, the optic, radial, and sciatic nerves. It was found that there were age-related differences in calcium content among the optic, radial, and sciatic nerves: The calcium content of the optic nerve increased progressively with aging; in the radial nerve, it was hardly changed with aging; in contrast, the calcium content of the sciatic nerve decreased gradually with aging. In addition, it was found that in the radial nerve there were moderate correlations between age and zinc or sodium content, whereas significant correlations between age and the content of silicon or iron were found in the sciatic nerve. Furthermore, there was a correlation between the silicon and iron contents in the sciatic nerves.

    ISSN : 0163-4984

    DOI : 10.1385/BTER:77:2:119

    Record Number : 20003025869

    Publisher : Humana Press

    Location of publication : Totowa

    Country of publication : USA

    Language of text : English

    Language of summary : English

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    Organism descriptor(s) : man

    Descriptor(s) : aging, calcium, iron, minerals, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, trace elements, zinc

    Identifier(s) : ageing, elemental sulphur, microelements, sulphur

    Broader term(s) : Homo, Hominidae, primates, mammals, vertebrates, Chordata, animals, eukaryotes