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  • Comparison of five sorbents for use in mobile forestry spill kits.

    Author(s) : Hamilton, P.

    Bulletin : Advantage - Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) 2000 Vol.1 No.7 pp.2 pp.

    Abstract : FERIC investigated the potential of clay, cellulose, treated peat moss, polypropylene, and Oleo-Sorb for capturing spilled fuel or oil from mobile forest equipment. Although each material was effective, they varied in their efficiency and cost.

    ISSN : 1493-3381

    Record Number : 20013048092

    Publisher : Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada

    Location of publication : Pointe Claire

    Country of publication : Canada

    Language of text : English

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    Descriptor(s) : absorbentsabsorbentsSubject Category: Miscellaneous
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    , forestry machineryforestry machinerySubject Category: Techniques, Methodologies and Equipment
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    , oilsoilsSubject Category: Chemicals and Chemical Groups
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    Identifier(s) : environmental propection