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  • Assessment of groundwater pollution and its impact in and around Punnam area of Karur District, Tamilnadu, India.

    Author(s) : Raja, G.Venkatesan, P.

    Author Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, Paavai Engineering College, Namakkal - 637 018, Tamilnadu, India.

    Author Email : paavairaja@yahoo.com

    Journal article : E-Journal of Chemistry 2010 Vol.7 No.2 pp.473-478 ref.10

    Abstract : Various samples of groundwater were collected from different areas in and around the Punnam village of Karur District, India and analyzed for their physicochemical characteristics. The results of this analysis were compared with the water quality standards of WHO and CPHEEO. In this analysis the various physicochemical parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, total dissolved solids, Cl-, F-, SO42-, NO3-, Na+, K+, Fe, Cr, calcium and magnesium etc., were determined using standard procedures. The quality of groundwater samples were discussed with respect to these parameters and thus an attempt were made to ascertain the quality of groundwater used for drinking and cooking purposes in the sampling areas.

    ISSN : 0973-4945

    URL : http://www.e-journals.in/PDF/V7N2/473...

    Record Number : 20103118483

    Publisher : WWW Publications

    Location of publication : Adirampattinam

    Country of publication : India

    Language of text : English

    Language of summary : English

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    Descriptor(s) : calcium, chloride, chromium, electrical conductivity, fluoride, groundwater pollution, iron, magnesium, nitrate, pH, physicochemical properties, polluted water, sodium, sulfate, total dissolved solids, turbidity, water quality

    Identifier(s) : hydrogen ion concentration, Madras, potential of hydrogen, water composition and quality

    Geographical Location(s) : India, Tamil Nadu

    Broader term(s) : Commonwealth of Nations, Developing Countries, South Asia, Asia, India