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  • Pataxo craft and tourism: production, circulation and meaning at Coroa Vermelha Village, Santa Cruz Cabralia, Bahia State.

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    Foreign Title : Produção, circulação e significados do artesanato Pataxó no contexto turístico da aldeia de Coroa Vermelha, Santa Cruz Cabrália-BA.

    Author(s) : Neves, S. C.

    Author Affiliation : Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Author Email : sandrocamposneves@yahoo.com.br

    Editors : Barretto, M.

    Journal article : PASOS: Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural 2011 Vol.9 No.3 pp.45-58 ref.12

    Abstract : Pataxó craft made at Coroa Vermelha village has always been a part of the warehouse activities held at the region. As mass tourism grew since 1970, this craftsmanship acquires new meanings. In 2000, a center of native handicrafts was created. During the summer of 2010 a survey with 28 of 300 Pataxó stores was conducted to investigate circulation, production and meaning of native handicrafts. Regarding production, Pataxó craftsmanship suffered a great standardization in Regardint circulation process an unequal appropriation of profitability was found. As for meaning, two kinds were observed, handicraft is either local art or touristic souvenir.

    ISSN : 1695-7121

    URL : http://www.pasosonline.org/Publicados...

    Record Number : 20113176011

    Publisher : Universidad de la Laguna

    Location of publication : La Laguna

    Country of publication : Spain

    Language of text : Portuguese

    Language of summary : English

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    Descriptor(s) : handicrafts, tourism

    Geographical Location(s) : Bahia, Brazil

    Broader term(s) : Brazil, Community of Portuguese Language Countries, Developing Countries, Latin America, America, South America, Threshold Countries