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  • "Hold your Head high". The influence of emotional versus neutral nonverbal expressions of dominance and submissiveness in baseball.

    Author(s) : Furley, P.Dicks, M.

    Author Affiliation : German Sport University, Cologne, Germany.

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    Journal article : International Journal of Sport Psychology 2012 Vol.43 No.4 pp.294-311 ref.many

    Abstract : Previous research has demonstrated that athletesathletesSubject Category: People Groups
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    displaying dominant non-verbal behavior (NVB) are perceived to possess more favorable performance characteristics and are expected to perform better than athletes showing submissive NVB. In the present study we used point light videos of a baseball pitcher displaying dominant, submissive, and neutral NVBs to show that this effect is mainly driven by the submissive condition. No difference between the neutral and the dominant condition was evident, suggesting that it is more important to avoid displaying submissive NVB instead of showing dominant NVB as neutral NVB already seems to lead to the impression that the athlete can handle the situation. The results show that NVBs expressing dominance and submissiveness are important early cues that affect the impression formation process in sportsportSubject Category: Activities
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    and the expectancy of success of the athlete observing this NVB. In addition, the results indicate, that further information about the ability level of the athlete might diminish this effect. Performance consequences of the effect of NVB are discussed.

    ISSN : 0047-0767

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    Record Number : 20133000343

    Publisher : Edizioni Luigi Pozzi

    Location of publication : Rome

    Country of publication : Italy

    Language of text : English

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    Identifier(s) : psychological factors