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  • Prediction of wear about ring die of plunger biomass briquetting machine.

    Author(s) : De XueHongYu GuoShengChen ZhongJiaGuo WenBin

    Author Affiliation : College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, 010018, China.

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    Journal article : Journal of Beijing Forestry University 2015 Vol.37 No.6 pp.112-119 ref.26

    Abstract : This study was designed to explore wearwearSubject Category: Miscellaneous
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    characteristics and to predict the wear degree of biomassbiomassSubject Category: Miscellaneous
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    ring plunger molding machine. Fractal theory and wear mechanism were applied to establish model predicting ring mold die wear. Model-based die wear prediction and analysis were verified experimentally. The results showed that the main wear part of ring mold took place at the inner die wall of the latest designed ring mold plunger. Critical asperity contact surface area ac was dependent on the surface topography and material properties. We validated the established die wear prediction equation taking into account the material and the physical characteristics of the ring mold, and examined the relationship between the average wear rate and several typical parameters. The average wear rate increased with the increase of fractal parameters, molding pressure and equivalent forming speed. Among the two typical ring mold materials and two typical biomass materials, 42CrMo/straw had the lowest average wear rate while 45 steel/wood had the highest average wear rate.

    ISSN : 1000-1522

    Record Number : 20153351077

    Publisher : Beijing Forestry University

    Location of publication : Beijing

    Country of publication : China

    Language of text : Chinese

    Language of summary : English

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    Descriptor(s) : biomassbiomassSubject Category: Miscellaneous
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    , briquettesbriquettesSubject Category: Commodities and Products
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    , modelsmodelsSubject Category: Techniques, Methodologies and Equipment
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    , wearwearSubject Category: Miscellaneous
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