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  • An entrapped subclavian stent and its successful management.

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    Author(s) : Kasapkara, H. A.Aslan, A. N.Ayhan, H.Sarı, C.Baștuğ, S.Sİvrİ, S.Bozkurt, E.

    Author Affiliation : Department of Cardiology, Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey.

    Author Email : drnabiaslan@hotmail.com

    Journal article : Erciyes Medical Journal 2016 Vol.38 No.4 pp.155-156 ref.3

    Abstract : Subclavian artery angioplasty with or without stenting is a well-accepted, less invasive alternative to surgical revascularization for symptomatic proximal subclavian artery stenosis. Stenting of subclavian artery lesions result in the immediate resolution of patients' symptoms with durable mid-term effects and few complications in a larger patient group with serious co-morbid conditions. However, it can also result in some complications. In addition to procedural complications, there could be technical failure of materials, such as incomplete expansion of the stent during deployment. Our case serves to highlight this complication of the endovascular procedure and provides a successful management strategy.

    ISSN : 2149-2247

    DOI : 10.5152/etd.2016.0053

    URL : http://www.erciyesmedj.com/sayilar/25...

    Record Number : 20173102690

    Publisher : Erciyes Universitesi, Tıp Fakultesi

    Location of publication : Kayserı

    Country of publication : Turkey

    Language of text : English

    Language of summary : English

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