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  • Community engagement and rural tourism enterprise.

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    Author(s) : Wiltshier, P.

    Author Affiliation : University of Derby, Kedleston Rd, Derby DE22 1GB, UK.

    Editors : Oriade, A.Robinson, P.

    Book chapter : Rural tourism and enterprise: management, marketing and sustainability 2017 pp.53-67 ref.47

    Abstract : This chapter discusses the role of communities in the development of rural tourism. Through a representative sample of more developed destination case studies in Europe and North America, the key indicators leading to successful community-based rural tourism are explored. These indicators include innovation in endogenous planning, shared networks, relationship management, informed decision making and support and future-proofing destinations for growing shared wealth and social capital. A framework and working model of community-based tourism, developed to identify good practices in rural communities, is explored.

    ISBN : 9781780647494

    Record Number : 20173141165

    Publisher : CABI

    Location of publication : Wallingford

    Country of publication : UK

    Language of text : English

    Language of summary : English

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    Descriptor(s) : community involvement, decision making, networking, planning, rural tourism, social capital, tourism development

    Identifier(s) : choice

    Geographical Location(s) : Developed Countries, Europe, North America

    Broader term(s) : America