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  • Motor and psychological predispositions for playing football.

    Author(s) : Kalinowski, P.Bojkowski, Ł.Śliwowski, R.

    Author Affiliation : Poznan University of Physical Education, Department of Theory and Methodology of Group Sports Games, Poznań, Poland.

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    Journal article : Trends in Sport Sciences 2019 Vol.26 No.2 pp.51-54 ref.26

    Abstract : Nowadays football is steadily developing around the world. Many sport theorists and practitioners pay a lot of attention to the search for the key factors determining high sports results. Players' comprehensive preparation seems to be essential in order to succeed in football. Therefore, the focus of this work was on the aspects of fitness and mental preparation. The authors aimed to define the basic motor skillsmotor skillsSubject Category: Miscellaneous
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    and psychological conditions, designed to serve as predisposition to sports competition in an 11-person football. Among the motor factors, a special attention was drawn to the importance of endurance and speed ability in football. As far as the psychological conditions are concerned, the role of the psychosocial prototype of a high-performance sporting situation and psychological characteristics determining success in football were emphasized.

    ISSN : 2299-9590

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    Record Number : 20193345483

    Publisher : University School of Physical Education in Poznań

    Location of publication : Poznan

    Country of publication : Poland

    Language of text : English

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    Descriptor(s) : athletesathletesSubject Category: People Groups
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    , motor skillsmotor skillsSubject Category: Miscellaneous
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    , physical fitnessphysical fitnessSubject Category: Activities
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    , soccersoccerSubject Category: Activities
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    , sport psychologysport psychologySubject Category: Disciplines, Occupations and Industries
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    Identifier(s) : English football, keep fit