World One Health day - the transdisciplinary approach 

World One Health day on November 3rd – is a day for raising awareness of the interconnectivity of humans, animals and the environment and how to work together to ensure health for all. 

The initiative aims to encourage researchers, policymakers and funders to create unique and collaborative approaches to emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, climate change, environmental pollution, and many other problems which effect the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment. 

The awareness day is produced in partnership with the One Health Commission, to encourage participants and events across the world to raise awareness of One Health and the transdisciplinary approach to solving world health problems. 

Events and workshops are taking place around the world to mark One Health day, including Kenya, Brazil and across Europe. 

One Health is an approach to scientific research which focuses on the interconnections between humans, animals, plants, ecosystems, and their shared environment in a transdisciplinary way. 

The transdisciplinary approach, favoured by those working the One Health sphere, invites all stakeholders to contribute in research design, to better inform policy and practice, and create better health for humans, animals, plants and environment in a sustainable manner. 

Subject specialists, academics and researchers are traditionally seen conducting research in zoonoses and other emerging disease, whereas the transdisciplinary approach of One Health also invites, non-academics, policymakers, the local population and those with indigenous knowledge to become valued members of the team when solving complex health problems. 

One Health day aims to spread the word of the One Health approach, including transdisciplinary research and bottom-up projects, where previous learning and existing knowledge is built on to create solutions to complex problems in human, animal, plant and environmental health. 

To find out more on transdisciplinary approach to research use the search string: (("bottom * up" or "transdisciplinary") or (DE: interdisciplinary research)) AND "health"

 Further reading :

CABI One Health journal has open access articles looking at transdisciplinary research.

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