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Adding records to a project

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Before you can add your selected records to a project, you must be signed in to My CABI. See My CABI for more details.

Projects are folders where you can store and manage your records and searches, for example about a particular piece of research.


To add your records to a project:

1.Select the records you want to add by selecting their check-boxes,

2.On the Actions toolbar, click the Add to project icon:

If you have not signed in to My CABI you are prompted to sign in (or register) to My CABI.

When you have signed in to My CABI, the Add to project window is displayed.

3.To add your records to a project, either:

select an existing project from the drop-down list, then click the Add to project button, or

to create a new project click the Create new project button to display the Create a project window. Type the name and description of your new project, then click the Create project button.

4.In the Confirm action window, click the OK button.

Note. To see details of your projects, click the My Projects tab. For details about projects, see My Projects tab.