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CAB Direct Help v1.0

You can export your records, as follows:

Export option

More information

Download to File

Select a file format from the drop-down list. When you click the Export button, the file is downloaded to your computer. The supported download formats are RIS, BibTeX, CSV, TXT, HTML

Note. If you want to download a record that includes annotations and highlighting, you need to be signed in to My CABI and select HTML

Ref works

To export to RefWorks you need a RefWorks account.


You can download the following details from your records:

Download content


1.Citation only

Depends on the publication source but typically the article title, author(s), book title, publisher, date of publication, page number(s)

2.Citation and abstract

As 1. (above) plus the abstract

3.Full record

As 2. (above) plus the full bibliographic details