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CAB Direct Help v1.0

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Getting Started

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Welcome to the CAB Direct help. CAB Direct provides a single point of access for all your CABI database products.

The online help is context-sensitive, so if you want help on a particular CAB Direct page, click the relevant help icon helpIcon to display information about that page.

About CAB Direct

CAB Direct is CABI’s online database platform, providing a single point of access to all of your CABI database subscriptions.

CABI has worked with development partners from across academia and industry to develop the next generation of the CAB Direct platform. Designed around the way researchers work, CAB Direct has completely new features to help you get more out of the literature, a more intuitive user experience, and has a new look and feel.

CAB Direct is the only online platform built specifically to help you get the most out of CABI’s world class databases, CAB Abstracts and Global Health.

Through CAB Direct's innovative platform you and your users have access to:

over 11 million bibliographic records

over 340,000 full text articles hosted by CABI

many other authoritative reviews, news articles and reports

If you have any questions or feedback the CAB Direct platform please contact