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CAB Direct Help v1.0

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My Projects tab

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CAB Direct enables you to organise your search activities into projects. Projects are folders where you can save your records and searches about a particular topic. Once you have logged in to My CABI you can:

Create one or more projects to organise your work,

Save records and searches into those projects,

View your project activity and export this activity log as a CSV file,

Send this activity log and citation information to other project members.

On the My Projects tab you can:

Create new projects

1.Click Create New project to display the Create a project window.

Click to expand

2. Type the name and description of your new project, then click the Create project button.

Open a project

To open a project to view and edit its contents, click the project name to display the project's Activity Log:

Click to expand

See Managing a Project's contents: below for details of viewing and editing a Project's contents.

Archive a project

To archive a project, select the project's check-box then click the Archive Project button on the Actions toolbar:

Click to expand

Complete a project

If you want to show that a project's purpose has been fulfilled, e.g. a systematic review, you can mark the project as 'Complete'.

To complete a project, select the project's check-box then click the Complete Project button on the Actions toolbar.

Click to expand

Remove a project

To permanently delete a project from CAB Direct:

1.Select the project's check-box then click the Trash button on the Actions toolbar,

Click to expand

2.In the Remove projects window, click the Remove projects button.

Change view

To change the default display of projects from a 'grid' to a 'list' (or vice versa), click the appropriate Change view toolbar button:

Click to expand

Change a project name

To re-name a project:

1.Click the project name to open the Activity Summary list.

2.Click the Edit button editButton

3.Edit the name as required, then click Save.