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CAB Direct Help v1.0

You can save your search term(s) and any refinements you have made, e.g. facet refinements, for use in the future.

To save your search:

1.In the Search results page, click the Save search button.

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If you have not signed in to My CABI you are prompted to sign in (or register) to My CABI.

If you have signed in to My CABI, a confirmation message is displayed prompting you to also add your search to a project. To save without adding your search to a project, click the OK button.

2.To add your search to a project, either:

select the project from the drop-down list, the click the OK button, or

to create a new project, click the Create new project button to display the Create a project window. Type the name and description of your new project, then click the Create project button.

Your saved search is displayed in the My Searches tab under Saved searches.

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For details on using your saved searches, see Saved Searches.

Note. You can also save searches from Search History.