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CAB Direct Help v1.0

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Search results actions

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CAB Direct enables you to perform actions on your search results, such as print, download, etc. using toolbar buttons.

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For some actions you need to be signed in to My CABI:

Search Results action

My CABI sign in required ?

More information

Print selected records


Print a) citation only, b) citation and abstract, or c) full record

Email record/s


Send an email containing records. more...

Download record/s


Download record to a file or RefWorks. more...

Save record/s


Saved records show with saveIcon icon.

Saved to Saved records on My Records tab.

You can also save records to a project. more...

Add to Project


Add records to a Project. more...


Note. If you have not signed in to My CABI you are prompted to sign in (or register) to My CABI.