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CAB Direct Help v1.0

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Searching Overview

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There are four ways to find information on CAB Direct : Keyword and Advanced searching, Browse all content and CAB Thesaurus.

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Keyword (or simple) searching is similar to using an internet search engine, where you type search terms then press Search. The Keyword search explores all indexed fields in the CAB Direct database. Search filters (or facets) help you narrow your search results.

Advanced searching, on the other hand, enables you to easily narrow your search to the index fields most relevant to your search. You can filter your search by database field, (e.g. article title, author name, publisher etc.), date, document type, CABI product etc.

Browse all content enables you to browse the CAB Direct records by subject (using CABI codes), author name or journal title.

Use the CAB Thesaurus to search CABI's controlled vocabulary of terms covering pure and life sciences, technology and social sciences.

Search mode



Simple, quick. Retrieves the maximum number of records. Use search filters (or facets) to narrow your search.


Choose particular index fields to make your search more relevant. You can also use search filters (or facets) to narrow your search.

Browse all content

Browse by topic, author or journal.

CAB Thesaurus

Build a search query using terms from the CAB thesaurus