About Global Health

Your go-to for the study and practice of national regional and international public health.


With over 3.1 million records, and growing by over 160,000 each year, Global Health is the only specialist database dedicated to public health, completing the picture of international medical and health research by providing unmatched access to all the world’s relevant public health research and practice.


Key features:


  • News feeds: access regularly-updated international news feeds when you login, so you can stay on top of public health developments around the world.
  • Theme and Region pages: browse and search records by region or theme, making it easy to find the most relevant content to you.
  • Smart searches: pre-defined searches on key topics or themes, keeping you up to date on relevant research topics at the click of a button.


Key facts:

  • Fully searchable bibliographic database, available on multiple platforms
  • Contains over 3.1 million scientific records from 1973 to the present day, with more than 97,000 full text articles
  • Around 150,000 records added each year
  • Subject experts sourcing records from more than 7,300 journals, books, reports, conferences, patents, theses, electronic publications and other hard-to-find resources
  • Covers journals from major lists, including:
    • BMA (British Medical Association)
    • Evidence-Based Practice for Public Health (Lamar Soutter Library, Massachusetts)
    • Core Public Health Journals Project (US Medical Library Association)
    • World Public Health Association
  • Supports sustainable public health practice
  • Supports evidence-based practice and systematic reviews
  • Supports core competencies
  • Publications from over 100 countries in over 50 languages are abstracted; 96% of records have an English abstract, 16% are from non-English language sources and 28% are focussed on developing countries
  • Controlled vocabulary indexing to improve retrieval